At zedIT Solutions, we strongly believe that the only way for an IT Services firm to maximize the impact of technology on your organization is to build a long-lasting partnership that extends beyond the surface level. Beneath the surface layer of professional IT and advisory services are the core components that enable us to maximize the impact of technology on your organization and deliver value as defined by you.

Consistent Delivery on Every Project
Bearing Fruit

World-class expertise in Professional IT Consulting and the ability to execute on projects with the right mix of technology results in a high project success rate. Driven by the passion to help our clients reach their goals through technology, you can trust us to manage your company’s entire IT project from start to finish.

World-Class Team in Your Own Backyard
Local Roots, Drawing Upon Global Experience

With an entire team of highly skilled IT Professionals located here in Atlantic Canada, both your company and our qualified consultants are connected at the root. Drawing on our experience from working with top-tier clients to our team members’ professional background with the most well known consultancies in the industry, you get access to global market knowledge and expertise, locally.

Flexibility in Approach
A Roundtable Approach to Meeting Your Needs

Our approach does not dictate any one particular methodology on your company, but instead provides the flexibility to collaborate with you to develop a pragmatic, scalable solution that addresses your business’ unique needs. Whether you need one consultant or one hundred, we can wrap the right amount of advisory services with technology deployment to deliver a ‘perfect fit’ solution.

Strategy & Execution
Sowing the Seeds of Success

Understanding that an investment in technology today means ensuring your organization’s future success, we are experts in providing IT advisory services, helping you structure operations to be successful in support of IT. At the same time, we have 20 years of experience interpreting strategy, and developing and deploying solutions that support your strategic plans.

Long-Term Partnership

All Knowing Technology Ally

We view technology in a strategic context; thinking about how technology will continuously deliver value to your organization in the long run. With the relationships we have fostered over the years with our clients, you can be confident in relying on us as your long term partner for all of your organization’s future technology and IT advisory needs.

Understanding What Success Means To “You”
However You Slice It

In cutting back the layers of IT complexity and interpreting it for our clients in their own terms; we form a deep understanding of how you define a success in your organization so that we can deliver technology in the right way. Regardless of how your organization defines ‘success,’ we deliver a made-to-fit solution on a scale that matches your organization.

Power of many

A Well-Rounded Team

By bringing together the best people in the industry, we have the diversity of expertise amongst our qualified consultants providing a collaborative approach to delivering the best possible solution to our clients. As a member of Group zed, we are able to leverage additional areas of expertise from our family of best of breed companies that operate on a global scale across multiple markets.

Scope and Longevity of Our Experience
A Passion for Technology

From our work in diverse industries including telecommunications, oil and gas, healthcare, government and more, we have the experience and success stories to share of how we have helped hundreds of organizations to achieve their goals.


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